What our customers say:

“eaw Relaistechnik is always cooperative, quick and flexible – a reliable, long-term partner.”

“The train has to run, and the heating and air conditioning have to work. This is never a problem with eaw contactors.”

“We manufacture around the world and value our international collaboration,
not to mention the wide range of special solutions we have come up with between us.”
“Our company has been working with eaw for decades and we have developed almost all our range based on our belief in its products.”

“Our energy supply must be guaranteed at all times. The RELOG system comes with a promise that we can deliver.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve the level of in-vehicle heating comfort and eaw never fails to help us out with its diverse range of premium-quality products.”
“Thermal switches from eaw even work under extreme operating conditions. This is something we have to be able to rely on, so we know we’re in good hands with eaw.”
“Our brand promises authenticity, so we expect the same promises from our suppliers.”

“Signal relays are safety critical for us, so we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to errors. With eaw, we know we’re always on the safe side.”

Smiling woman
Smiling woman
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