We set standards. And provide the latest inspiration.

Two men speaking in a factory
Two men speaking in a factory

We develop dialogue.

Many eaw products have become industry standards and continue to be develop and improved on a regular basis. At the same time, we are always developing brand new solutions based on customer-specific requirements. We have learnt that constructive discussions are what lead to the best results, so these always form the basis of both our products for large-scale production and our exclusive limited editions. After all, it is the quality – not the quantity – of the solution that counts in the end.

Modifications to special requirements in terms of thermal or mechanical loads are just as achievable as complex installations in the most challenging and diverse environments.

Always running. With service life tests.

eaw service life tests ensure continuous improvements can be made to quality assurance processes.
These are carried out in service life testing facilities and functional test stands based on the standard electrical operating and service life specifications. The ambient conditions are designed to replicate real-life situations and comply with respective customer requirements.

This includes ongoing recordings of:

  • Load voltage and current
  • Data logging of:
    • Room temperature
    • Switching hysteresis
    • Drift of switching hysteresis
    • Switching cycle figures
    • Switching cycles per time unit
    • Temperatures for contact opening and closing
    • Voltage and current of load circuit