Heavy-duty air break contactors

Heavy-duty air break contactors

The “heavy-duty” air break contactors (ESü type) are particularly ideal for use in plants within the raw materials, metallurgy and chemical industries, in conveyor plants and ship building, and also in machine engineering applications on account of their design and exceptional reliability.

They are used for direct switching of all motor types in star-delta and reverse switch combinations for switching components including condensers and brake solenoids. Together with thermal overcurrent trip units, which are mounted separately, they can be used as motor protection switches.

Special features (ESü)

  • High mechanical service life
  • Maximum safety under toughest operating conditions
  • High switching cycles
  • Suitable for use in 660 V three-phase current installations
  • Clear design
  • Minimum maintenance and monitoring required
  • No mechanical wear parts
  • Easy and quick to change electrical wear parts




Air-break contactors for heavy-duty electrical and mechanical operating conditions

  • Rated currents
    100 A, 160 A, 250 A, 400 A, 630 A
  • Rated voltages
    Rated size A:                  Rated size B:
    500 VAC, 600 VDC         660 VAC, 1 kV AC for basic switching conditions

Designs with 2 and 3 poles for direct and alternating current with direct and alternating current operation.

  • Mechanical service life is 10 million switching cycles with max. switching frequency set at 3000 switching cycles/h
  • Rated operating voltage:
     AC -> 220 V, 380 V, 500 V
     DC -> 110 V, 220 V, 440 V