Vacuum contactors

Vacuum contactors

The contact system for a vacuum contactor is hermetically sealed and switches in a vacuum without affecting the environment. This prevents not only the occurrence of arcs and sparks, but also the influence of the ambient atmosphere on the contact pieces. The contact systems are actuated by electromagnetic drives. The EVS vacuum protection series is suitable for all applications that involve switching DC and AC loads.

They are used for direct switching operations in motors – particularly in AC 3 and AC 4 operation – for the development of star-delta combinations, for reversing mechanisms, and for rotor contactors.

Significant advantages include

  • High electrical life cycle in all utilisation categories
  • High dynamic limiting currents
  • High switching capacity
  • No influence on/by environment

Module vacuum contactor series EVS 160/161 – EVS 630/631

Rated voltages up to 1000 V and rated currents of 160 A to 630 A. By switching the poles in parallel, rated currents of up to 1500 A can be achieved. The devices are suitable for all AC applications.


Compact vacuum contactor range EVS 102 – EVS 302

Compact 3-pole vacuum contactors for rated voltages of up to 1000 V and rated currents of 100 A to 300 A – suitable for all AC applications.

Vacuum contactors_Product
Vacuum contactors_Product