Normally-open contacts

Normally-open thermal switches

These thermal switches are used for monitoring/controlling temperature without an electricity supply. With a normally open relay, the circuit is connected upon reaching a defined temperature threshold or temperature that is too low within a predefined temperature range. The jump to an open or closed thermal switch always depends on the temperature. The circuit closes automatically within a desired temperature range.

Special models for specific applications are available on request.

Housing material and temperature ranges:

  • Plastic (KS),
    Temperature range -60°C to 200°C
  • Ceramic (HCS/VCS/CS)
    Temperature range -60°C to 390°C
  • In compact housing (THS/TGS)
    Temperature range -60°C to 200°C

The CS can be used for a rated voltage of 230 VAC to 16 A, in addition to rated voltages of up to 400 VAC / 16 A.

Degree of protection for the housing: IP 40