Thermal switch limiters

These thermal switches are used for monitoring/controlling temperature without an electricity supply.

Limiters are not subject to automatic resetting.

With a limiter, the circuit opens upon reaching a defined temperature threshold or temperature that is too low within a predetermined temperature range. The thermal switch locks and is only ready to be used again following manual resetting.

Special models for specific applications are available on request.

Housing material and temperature ranges:

  • Plastic (KB, K3B),
    Temperature range -60°C to 200°C 
  • Plastic (KBF, K3BF),
    Temperature range -25°C to 120°C
  • Ceramic (HCB/VCB/CB)

Temperature range -60°C to 390°C​​​​​​​


The CB can be used for a rated voltage of 230 VAC to 16 A, in addition to rated voltages of up to 400 VAC / 16 A.

Degree of protection for the housing: IP 40