Electronic relays

Electronic relays

Measuring relays

Measuring relays are an excellent alternative to digital protection systems to minimise – or even rule out – not only the effects of electrical faults in switchboards, wiring or transformers, but also any risk to individuals. Measuring relays ensure quick and selective error detection and can potentially trigger a shutdown to facilitate the continued operation of uninterrupted networks. What’s more, applications with the corresponding scope of device technology can also still be implemented at a considerably lower cost.


  • Overvoltage/undervoltage relay

Analogue or digital

  • Overcurrent/undercurrent relay

Analogue / Digital

  • Earth-fault detection
  • Phase sequence relay
  • Three-phase undercurrent relay in delta or star connection
  • Potential isolating relay


  • Time step
  • Drop indicator
  • LED
Electromechanical relays_All
Electromechanical relays_All

Time relays

The electronic time relay of the 22.5 mm series can be used in all control technology for implementing time-delayed switching processes in starting, control and monitoring systems.
This involves special single-grade, single-function and multi-grade multifunctional time relays.

Time relays with different functions are supplied for various voltages and time frames:

  • Response delay
  • Release delay with/without auxiliary voltage
  • Pulse on operate
  • Impulse generator 1:1 pause/pulse begin
  • Y – ∆ – switching
  • Multifunctional timer

The time relay is available in a range of versions

Release-delayed time relay ZO 70 & ZO 71

Time relay of type ZM (multifunctional timer)


Industrial time relay for DIN top hat rails

Mounting width: 22.5 mm

Wide voltage range 12–240 VUC



  • Terminal block with spring-loaded terminals


  • Terminal block with screw terminal


  • Additional functions, 2 time settings and 2 remote potentiometers 10 KΩ

(ZM99 EF)

  • Connection of remote potentiometer 10 kΩ (ZM99 FP)


  • Industrial time relay for panel mounting
  • Installation size: 70 mm x 70 mm
  • Wide voltage range: 90–265 VUC
  • Parametrisation of six different functions:
    • Pick-up delay
    • Regression delay
    • Fleeting NO contact
    • Fleeting NC contact
    • Starting impulse generator pause
    • Starting impulse generator input


Special features:

  • Suitable for adverse installation conditions
  • Operable with protective gloves
  • Increased protection level: IP 54